Serving South Florida Institutions

Merlin Bus it is a network of dedicated people serving people  indeed.  We welcome those noble institutions who make their business the welfare of others by caring and serving  the people of South Florida and Nation Wide

School Institutional

SCHOOLS, colleges and universities
We enjoy driving to Field trips and to Marching bands Competitions, Football games or out of the state tournaments. We understand the importance of a fully operational VIDEO and MP3 system when traveling with students, from any school. Teachers and coordinators, for your next activity, we have a bus for your budget without sacrificing comfort or safety.
High schools Grad Nights and middle schools trips to Orlando and “night on the town” programs for universities and colleges by local Promoters are always welcome.

Church Services Institutional

Spiritual retreats, concerts, seminars, Expolit  in Miami or simply crating a Sunday pick up route for those members of the congregation that live to far or cannot drive.
We have been servicing our communities in South Florida from Homestead to West Palm Beach since 1999.
Miami-Dade County Archdiocese, 7 Day Baptist Church, The Krishna Temple of Miami and all churches are all welcome to benefit from our service and discounted institutional rates.

Fema Institutional

STORM READY / Contingencies
Being a Florida transportation company we know and understand when the weather will create the need to engage and support our community's disaster preparedness, response and recovery agency, through the coordination of an effective evacuation plan end execution with local authorities.
Merlin Bus before and after the storm is always ready.

Military Institutional

Local training, recruitment centers pick- ups and drop offs, moral programs, special events, foreign personnel training, Troop transport.
Please call us or visit for information regarding our qualifications do the job.

Serving in the following cities:

Atlanta, Boston, Connecticut, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Huston, Laredo, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New Jersey, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Jose, Washington DC, El Paso and New York.

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